Junior Lifeguard Club (JLC)

Lacombe Sea LionsThe Lifesaving Society’s Junior Lifeguard Club (JLC) accommodates all ages of different abilities. Our team is encouraged to develop skills based on personal bests in:

  • Fitness
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Lifesaving
  • Swimming
  • Teamwork

The club provides high activity challenges in an energetic learning environment in the pool and on the deck. Practice times are separated according to ability; coaches may adjust team members depending on which category suits them best.


All athletes in intermediate and advanced divisions will be required to attend a tryout prior to registering. Sign up for a free 30-minute tryout session today! 

Fall Session Tryouts:

Monday, August 30, 2021 from 9:00am-11am & 4:00-6:00pm

Thursday, September 9, 2021 from 4:00-6:00pm


Registration for Intro to JLC (Sea Pups) is currently open.

Registration for Intermediate & Advanced groups will open on August 30, 2021 (following tryouts)

Classes - Updated as of August 13, 2021

  1. Advanced Sea Lions
  2. Intermediate Sea Lions
  3. Beginner Sea Pups

Practice Times

Mondays & Wednesdays

September 13, 2021 to December 15, 2021 (no practice Oct. 11, 13, Nov. 17)

3:45-5:30pm Advanced A

 Or Tuesdays & Thursdays

Sept. 14- Dec. 9, 2021 (no practice Nov. 11)

4:45-6:30pm Advanced B


Attend a FREE tryout (August 30, 2021 or September 9, 2021)


September to December - $324.06

*Pre-authorized monthly payments will be available by the start of the season ($81.02/month)

Volunteer Junior Coach Opportunity!

Advanced Sea Lions can apply to become a junior coach this year to be mentored by senior coaches and to help mentor younger swimmers. Junior coaches will go through a 9.5-hour training course to help them prepare for the season and develop the skills they need for this leadership opportunity. Occasional coaches’ meetings will also be held throughout the year. At the end of the volunteer term, JLC Junior Coach volunteers will receive a 25% rebate off of their JLC registration which can be used toward any programs or merchandise at the aquatic centre.

The Junior Coach will have:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Dedication
  • Good planning and leadership skills
  • Desire to motivate kids positively


  • 14 years or older
  • Have NL, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, or lifeguard experience (ex. within the LIT program)


  • Experience coaching or leadership experiences such as Scouts, Guides, or other children/ teen groups
  • Experience in a lifeguard or JLC team, either as a volunteer, organizer, competitor, or coach
  • Attend a JLC sport coach clinic offered through the Lifesaving Society 

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Fill out an application (PDF) by 5:00pm September 3, 2021. Turn in at the pool or email application to aquatics@lacombe.ca
  2. Attend ALL training sessions at the Kinsmen Aquatic Centre (Sept. 6,7,8 from 3:45-6:45pm)
  3. Start volunteer leadership experience!