Business Licenses

Obtaining a business license

The multi-step process is outlined below for applicants. For additional information and questions not covered in the material below please contact City Hall.

  1. An applicant must have all required permits in place ensuring Land Use Bylaws are adhered to.
  2. A business license is issued upon successful application and payment. Information on payment costs can be found on the City of Lacombe Business Licenses Rates & Fees page.

    3 Types of Business Licenses

    • Resident Business License for Commercial or Industrial businesses located in the City of Lacombe.
    • Home Occupation for individuals conducting a business which is based from their home in Lacombe.
    • Non-Resident business license for all others conducting business within the City of Lacombe that do not reside or have a location in the City.
  3. Renewals are sent out on an annual basis
    • Licenses are valid from January to December of the year in which they are purchased. Business licenses with the City of Lacombe are continuous from year to year and billed in January unless notification is given to the City that you are no longer conducting business here. Penalties are applied to outstanding accounts that run past the due date.

If you wish to obtain a booth at the Lacombe Farmer’s Market your licensing is covered under the Markets licensing. Contact the Lacombe Farmer’s Market directly at 403 318-8678 to reserve your booth.

All other mobile businesses must register with the City of Lacombe for an appropriate business license. "Mobile business unit” means a motor vehicle, temporary structure or display, or stand from which a business is carried on and includes a Mobile Vending Unit or Canteen and Push Cart Vending Unit.

Application Forms