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The Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP) is a long-standing guiding document for the future of Lacombe’s downtown. Since 2013, DARP has expanded to include the DARP Committee, which has created a priority project list that outlines previous and upcoming capital projects. Please visit the “What’s Happening Now?” tab for the latest.

Thank you for your interest in DARP and the work of the DARP Committee

What's happening Now?

The DARP Advisory Committee recently presented to Lacombe City Council the results of their deliberations, including DARP Capital projects for 2023.

The DARP Committee annually provides Lacombe City Council with an update on priority DARP projects. Most recently, the Committee presented a proposed public plaza for 49C Avenue. The presentation can be viewed:

•             49C Presentation (PDF)

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The Committee conducted a survey to gather feedback from the community, culminating with in-person engagement at the City’s 2023 Coffee with Council session at the Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce Tradeshow. Feedback will be gathered and brought to Council at a later date.

For a full list of completed and upcoming DARP priority projects, please visit:

•            DARP Priority Projects Presentation (PDF)

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