Designating and Restoring a Historic Resource

Designating a Historic Resource

Designation is the highest level of Municipal recognition and adds the site to Lacombe’s Municipal Register of Historic Resources. In order to be eligible for designation, the site must have a Statement of Significance attached to it. 

Owners should keep in mind that once designated:

  • A site/building cannot be demolished
  • Inappropriate changes cannot occur, and any alterations must be in character with the original structure
  • The site will be maintained in a fair to good condition
  • Any modifications, restoration, or rehabilitation to the character-defining elements must have prior approval to work being started
  • A caveat will be placed on the property title
  • The site becomes eligible for incentives at various government levels.


There are, however, numerous misunderstandings about the designation and what it affects. A few of these are listed below, and owners are encouraged to contact the HRC with any questions.

The Process

The formal process of designating a site as a Municipal Historic Resource in Lacombe is outlined in the Heritage Management Plan (PDF)  Appendix A, and all associated forms can be found in subsequent appendices. 

Below is a visual outline of the process, and interested parties are encouraged to contact either the City of Lacombe’s Planning and Development office or the HRC to discuss designation.

Heritage Designation Process

Apply for Designation

if you are interested in applying for designating a site as a Municipal Historic Resource in Lacombe please download the form linked below and return to the Planning Department or send it via email to