Grants & Funding

Facility Rental Assistance Grant

The intent of the Facility Rental Financial Assistance is to provide a small source of funds to assist in situations where the costs of the City's facilities are a financial burden to a group or organization. The grant is not intended for continued support. For additional information please view the grant guidelines document linked below.

Recreation and Culture Grant

The purpose of this Recreation & Culture Grant is to support new local programs and services that enhance the quality of life of Lacombians through recreation and/or culture. The grant is open to community groups and businesses in good standing with, and serving the City of Lacombe.

Community Builder Partnership Policy

Council will work collaboratively with community organizations, not for profit sector, other levels of government, and the private sector to develop cultural, recreational and social amenities which are of benefit to the general community. Partnership opportunities include innovative initiatives for operations and or capital development that provide high quality services and programs to all citizens. It is City Councils intent to invite and encourage collaborative partnerships whose aggregate outcomes would result in the completion of facility or service development.

Community Group Funding

The City of Lacombe provides operational support to various community groups or agencies delivering programs and services that enhance and enrich our city and its residents. In determining the allocation to these groups, Administration will make recommendations based on community needs and the ability of those groups to respond to that need. It is expected these groups will meet established criteria, provide supporting documentation, and demonstrate the outcomes and results of the funding.

Community Wellness Grant

The Wellness Program is about creating a culture of wellness within the City of Lacombe. Foremost, it is a community-owned, city-wide initiative that supports citizen wellness through grassroots engagement. These grants serve to encourage our community to come forward as leaders and take an active role to promote health and wellness.

Lacombe Arts Endowment

The Lacombe Arts Endowment Fund builds and supports a vibrant and sustainable artistic community within the City of Lacombe and Lacombe County.  It provides a steady, ongoing source of funding that ensures literary, visual and performing artists can continue to follow their dreams and further their education in the arts, while our artistic community continues to grow and prosper.  Your donation will help keep these goals alive!

FCSS Community Grant

The purpose of the FCSS Community Grant Program is to support local social service programs that are preventive in nature and promote and enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families and community. The program is open to social non-profit community groups in the City of Lacombe.

PASS Program

The PASS program was initiated to help families facing financial hardship gain access to recreational activities offered in the City of Lacombe. This program encourages youth to participate in local programs that will increase their well-being and community involvement. When possible, fees for children and youth ages 0 to 18 years of age will be subsidized to the maximum of $100 per year per child.

Kids Sport

The reality is that cost keeps 1 in 3 Canadian kids out of organized sport. KidSport provides grants to help cover those costs to ensure that no kid is ever left watching from the sidelines.


Giving kids the opportunity to access sport and play is essential for their growth and development, which is why Jumpstart funds a variety of different sports and activities all with the goal of giving all kids the chance to discover their passion.