Lacombe Emergency Management Agency

Flooded Neighborhood with Waters Completely Covering Streets and Surrounding LawnsResponsibilities

The City of Lacombe’s Emergency Management Agency (LEMA) is responsible for the planning and coordinating of emergency services and resources during major emergencies and disasters. LEMA is established under City of Lacombe Bylaw 369 (PDF). LEMA works with other city departments, utility companies, other municipalities and nonprofit groups to prepare, respond and recover more quickly when a disaster occurs.

LEMA manages the City’s Emergency Management Plan (PDF) which identifies the City’s resources and organization in the event of an emergency or disaster.

LEMA is also part of the Lacombe Regional Emergency Management Partnership, a partnership of the 11 municipalities within Lacombe County who coordinate planning, training and resource management for the group of the municipalities.

Personal Preparedness

Individuals and families have a role to play in emergency preparedness by having a plan for your family as well as creating an emergency kit to be able to support yourselves for up to 72 hours after an emergency. Your preparation will allow emergency responders to focus their efforts on immediate dangers. The Government of Canada has created a site for self preparation including a 72 hour kit.

Shelter in Place

Shelter-In-Place (PDF) refers to remaining inside your home, school, or places of work during certain types of emergencies.

Chemical, biological, or radiological contamination may be released accidentally, e.g. train derailment or large truck overturned spilling content, or intentionally into the environment. Should an event occur, information will be provided by local authorities by radio, social media, and/or television. It is important to keep a TV or radio on, even during the workday. The important thing is for you to follow instructions of media release and know what to do if they advise you to shelter-in-place, whether it is at home, at work, at school, or in your vehicle.

Alberta Emergency AlertAlberta Emergency Alerts

To be aware of emergencies and dangers in Lacombe, the Alberta Emergency Alert system has many ways to keep you informed.