Can I park my trailer or fifth-wheel on the street?

Lacombe City Council has amended Traffic Bylaw 223 to restrict the parking of recreational vehicles (motor homes, holiday trailers, campers, tent trailers or any buses or trucks converted for use as recreation vehicles) on city streets and highways. According to Traffic Bylaw 223:

  • No person shall park any trailer upon any highway or street within the City of Lacombe unless the trailer is attached to a vehicle.
  • A recreational vehicle may not be permitted to park on a street if a Peace Officer determines that the vehicle is a traffic or public safety hazard.
  • Recreational vehicles and trailers parked on a property must be fully contained within the property. No portion of a recreational vehicle or trailer is permitted to protrude into a street, laneway or sidewalk.
  • Pursuant to City of Lacombe Traffic Bylaw 223 and the Provincial Traffic Safety Act, all vehicles must be moved every 72 hours.

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