Why aren’t notifications and emails automatic?

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation requires the City of Lacombe to obtain user consent to receive emails and other notifications. You will be offered the option to agree to two different email features and you can unsubscribe easily, at any time:

  1. Transaction emails - These are notifications resulting from your purchase. The system wants to send you emails with:
    • Membership agreements
    • Membership pass expiry alerts
    • Receipts
    • Registration confirmations
    • Rental agreements
    • Scheduled payment agreements and payment reminders
    • Suspension or transfer confirmations
    • Waitlist updates
    • Withdrawal
  2. General communication emails - This is your inside track to new programs, service opportunities, and special events as soon as they are posted! We can also notify you of any service disruptions or situations that may affect your experience. Again, unsubscribing is easy.

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