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Posted on: June 29, 2021

Council amends bylaw to allow urban beekeeping in Lacombe

Urban Beekeeping

Lacombe, Alberta (June 28, 2021) – Lacombe City Council, in response to community inquiries, has amended the Responsible Animal Ownership Bylaw to allow for Urban beekeeping within the City of Lacombe.

The Responsible Animal Ownership Bylaw has been in effect for two years. During that time, Bylaw Enforcement received several inquiries regarding urban beekeeping and subsequently researched the proper process of allowing Apiculturists (beekeepers) in the City.

"Bees are an important and vital part of Lacombe's ecosystem," Mayor Grant Creasey said. "This bylaw amendment allows our residents to safely and responsibly maintain bee populations in our community while also providing the opportunity to produce honey for their personal use."

Urban apiaries are governed under provincial regulations through the Bee Act. The City's proposed bylaw states a prospective beekeeper must register with the Province of Alberta to attain a Property ID number and attend a beekeeping training program. There are also stipulations about creating disease and swarm control plans.

The City will require a licence for urban apiaries, and the application process will require approval by 50% of the neighbouring properties and an inspection by Bylaw Enforcement Staff.

"The City is pleased this amendment to the Responsible Animal Ownership Bylaw was approved," Director of Corporate Services Diane Piche said. "This ammendment allows residents to start or maintain apiaries in our community while also ensuring the proper protocols are being followed."

Urban Apiaries will utilize a one-time registration fee of $50 to ensure the applicants have met the Province's regulations and are compliant with the City's bylaw. In addition, the City will contact the apiculturists yearly to verify if they are still actively keeping bees.

For additional information, contact:

Todd Vaughan
Communications and Community Engagement Coordinator
(403)782-1236 office
(403)877-4394 cell

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