High Five Program

HIGH FIVE® Principles

A Caring Adult – Acts as a positive role model and allows children to feel comfortable to challenge themselves. 

Play – Encourages creativity, cooperation and fun! 

Friends – Create a safe environment where children can learn to be part of a team and feel welcome to discuss their feelings, learn new skills and work out conflicts. 

Participation – Involves children in the planning and implementation of activities, helping them feel involved, independent and competent. 

Mastery – Develops self-esteem and positive identity in children. 

The City of Lacombe and Alberta Recreation & Parks Association (ARPA) is proud to be the provincial provider of Parks and Recreation Ontario’s HIGH FIVE® program, Canada’s only Quality Assurance Program for recreation and sport programs for children aged 4-12 and more recently, older adults. HIGH FIVE® provides a range of training, assessment tools and resources to ensure that organizations deliver the highest quality programs possible.

Research shows positive experiences children have in sport and recreation at an early age have a lifelong impact, helping them become capable, caring adults who contribute to the community in the future. HIGH FIVE® ensures leaders, coaches, and instructors have the tools and knowledge they need to nurture a child’s mental health and create those positive experiences. Explore the many benefits of HIGH FIVE® at highfive.org

If you are…

  • an organization providing sport or recreation programs for children aged 4 to 12 or older adults;
  • a sport or recreation practitioner working with children or older adults;
  • a parent or guardian of a 4 to 12 year old child or older adults;

…then HIGH FIVE® is for you!

Check out HIGH FIVE®’s national website and watch the video to learn more!


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