Common Questions and Answers 

  • What is R4?
    • The R4 Residential Mixed District is one of nine residential zoning districts in Lacombe’s Land Use Bylaw. The R4 District currently allows for a range of residential uses from single detached dwellings to fourplexes to multi-attached row house style homes to several other types of housing.  
  • Why is R4 being reviewed and potentially changed?
    • The review is intended to improve the R4 District. The City of Lacombe 2020-2022 Strategic Plan specifically points to reviewing the LUB concerning redevelopment and possible revisions to the R4 District (zoning). In 2021, City Council approved funding and direction to undertake the R4 Review. The Changes are proposed to be considered by City Council in February and March 2023, and if approved, they could take effect as soon as City Council gives 3rd reading.  
  • What is Bylaw 400.42?
    • Bylaw 400.42 includes the proposed amendments to the R4 District in the Land Use Bylaw. It focuses on proposed changes to the R4 District.  
  • What are the proposed changes?
    • There are several recommended changes to the R4 District. These are:
      • Amend the Purpose Statement to better reflect R4’s role as a medium-density residential district by adding the goal of facilitating well-designed compatible infill development and clarifying its intent to allow a mix of lower and medium-density forms of housing,  
      • Using plain language to describe the density allowed for multi-attached housing by firstly, stating that it is permitted up to three units, and secondly, by stating that it is discretionary at four units or more,
      • Deleting Apartment Housing as a use in the District
      • Clarifying that the maximum density in the district is 55 dwelling units/ha (for any housing style allowed, including multiple housing developments),
      • Clarifying that the maximum number of units for multi-attached housing is six dwelling units per building,  
      • Giving the Development Authority additional discretion to require conditions to support compatible development for parking design and screening between higher and lower-density residential uses and/or augmented landscaping.
  • I own R4 Property. How will this affect me?
    • The changes will affect any property owner wishing to build a new building – they would be required to comply with the changes if City Council approves. Any projects already underway or existing homes would not be affected by the changes.   
  • I like it (or I don’t like it). How can I give my input?
    • Please contact us by email at r4@lacombe.ca or telephone the Planning and Development Department at 403-782-1266. There would also be a public hearing where you could speak directly to City Council or submit comments in writing to them for their consideration, if you still had concerns or comments that you wanted them to hear.
  • I have some additional ideas. Can I still share them?
    • Absolutely – please provide these as soon as possible so that we have ample time to review them – right up to January 25/23  
  • What happens next?
    • The R4 District Review is now in its final stages, with a Public Hearing scheduled for the Lacombe City Council Regular Meeting of Council on Monday, March 13. 

      The Public Hearing will be livestreamed on the City’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/Lacombenews/live.