Chris Ross

Chris Ross

Your Name:

Chris Ross

Why are you running for Lacombe City Council?

I was born and raised in the Lincoln District northwest of Lacombe all of our family have a lot of heart and pride in our community and the relationships of our neighbours and actively took part in volunteering to make a difference.  I have volunteered for Lacombe Days Committee since October 2013 and Lacombe Rotary since 2015.  

When I moved to town in December of 2009, I looked back at what our town had over my lifetime and felt we were behind in commercial and retail development compared to other communities such as Olds, Sylvan Lake, Stettler. Although I feel within this current term there was significant progress I still feel there is much more work to be done!  

What do you hope to achieve in office if elected?

During this 2017 to 2021 term, I feel there were some tough service delivery decisions made keeping in mind first and foremost to be accountable for the efficient use of citizens tax dollars. Council kept tax increases at consumer price index or lower.  It was unanimous within council to focus the communication to developers, contractors, investment that ‘Lacombe is Open for Business’ and significant changes were made within Planning and Development. Recent feedback has been positive, and a significant amount of construction is obviously taking place.

Moving forward within this next term I feel their is still ongoing unfinished business: Planning and development, to continue to streamline process promoting positive working relationships that Lacombe is open for business. To review the process occupancy and starting a new business.

Recycling, put out to tender or RFP to review for the purpose of comparing the options of curb side pickup vs the current Wolf Creek Recycling location and making that information available to the tax paying citizens.

Water and sewer, to direct administration as a high priority to complete engineering studies to determine the significant water losses within the City of Lacombe that directly effects water utility rates. The current national average is 13 per cent City of Lacombe is 21 per cent.  With the water loss most likely in the downtown core the simultaneous repairs would also address the much needed upgrade of downtown streets and sidewalks.

Bylaws, to increase staffing during summer months to increase enforcement of community standards and pet bylaws.

Economic development, conduct a study or review on the delivery, role, or function of Economic development within city administration. On how that role may add value to promote and market the City of Lacombe compared to other communities of 15,000 and 30,000.

Why should Lacombe residents vote for you?

To continue to serve the citizens of Lacombe, I would be honoured. I have that competitive passion and desire to continue to succeed what to me is home my whole life. I want to be part of this city moving forward with positive growth and a safe community. I want to be part of making that difference going forward!

Anything else you wish to add?

As for professional experience for Lacombe City Council, I will be biased I strongly feel passion, common sense, work ethic, value of community and the desire to make a difference is why I feel I want to continue to be part of another term of Lacombe City Council. I used to farm northwest of Lacombe I moved from a strong community neighbourhood farm in the Lincoln District to the very generous kind community of The City of Lacombe

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