Cora Hoekstra

Your Name: 

Cora Hoekstra

Why are you running for Lacombe City Council? 

I love the City of Lacombe and have been thrilled to call it my family’s home these past 29 years. My husband and I raised our four children here and now enjoy the City with our grandchildren.

I have been challenged and inspired by my time on Council. I feel I have more to offer and look forward to another 4 years. I feel the current council has operated as an excellent team. We each offer diverse opinions with respect, and have functioned well together, making good decisions for Lacombe.

I present the views of citizens, families, and endorse things that contribute to the quality of life in our City.

What do you hope to achieve in office, if elected?

My priority is to ensure that our City continues to offer and maybe seek new ways to offer services to all its citizens, particularly vulnerable citizens. We need to support FCSS well and have a Social Master Plan.

I am fiscally conservative and will seek to be stewardly with citizen’s funds. I believe in supporting policies that encourage businesses to settle in Lacombe, but I do not believe a Municipality should manipulate economics and business principals with the use of taxes.  

Why should Lacombe residents vote for you?

I have experience with municipal politics and have been a member of a variety of committees. I want to build on that and participate on other City committees. My life shows a commitment to our city, to people/citizens, and I am willing to listen. I invite people to connect with me. I will speak out on citizen's behalf when appropriate. I have been happy to support the arts, trails, services for the vulnerable, and services for families, to name a few. 

I love and value the debate at Council meetings and I contribute meaningfully to that debate. I am not afraid to be an outlier to speak about issues or viewpoints that might not be endorsed by the majority. 

Being on Council energizes me and I look forward to working on people's behalf for another 4 years. 

Anything else you wish to add?

I have a university degree in Family Studies. My professional experience is a career in social services serving families as well as marginalized peoples. I currently manage a not for profit society operating a thrift store.

Because of my professional experience, when making decisions or changes, I always want to ask, “How will this impact our citizens?” I also want to ensure that City decisions appear coherent to the electorate.  

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