Len Thompson Off Leash Dog Park

Off Leash Dog Park

The Len Thompson Off-leash Dog Park is located at 5363 Len Thompson Drive, and can be accessed from Len Thompson Drive via Wolf Creek Drive.

The off-leash area features a parking lot onsite and is fully fenced, with two entry gates: one located at the parking lot on the west side of the facility, and the other on the east side that opens onto an unfenced environmental reserve. The dog park surrounds a stormwater retention pond that receives run-off after rains and snow melts.  

Dog park users are to observe the following rules of etiquette to ensure their time at the off-leash area is a pleasant and safe experience for everyone – people and dogs alike:

To maintain the health and wellbeing of human and canine users of the park, dog owners are required to pick up their dog’s feces and dispose of it in one of the waste receptacles provided. Failure to do so is a $100 fine for the first offense, $150 for the second and $200 for subsequent offenses.   

Please ensure that:

  • Your dog has up-to-date licenses and vaccinations.
  • Does not chase wildlife.
  • Interacts well with dogs of all sizes.
  • Is not in heat, sick or aggressive.
  • Will come to you immediately if called Please ensure that you:
  • Keep your dog on leash until it has fully entered the fenced area.
  • Clean up after your dog and dispose of all waste in the receptacles provided  
  • Do not allow your dog to dig holes, and if it does, fill them immediately to prevent tripping hazards and injuries to others
  • Do not allow your dog to jump up on other people using the park.
  • Keep your dog within sight and under verbal control at all times.
  • Have a leash in your possession at all times in case you suddenly need to remove your dog.
  • Remove your dog from the park at the first sign of aggression.
  • Do not bring glass containers or food into the off-leash area.

During the winter months, the pond is fenced off to prevent people and animals from walking on the ice, as ice thickness varies greatly, and open areas may exist under the snow.  Any dogs or persons who cross the fence do so at their own risk.

The pond is home to muskrats and various waterfowl.  Please do not allow your dogs to chase or swim after them.

Users of the Len Thompson Off-leash Dog Park do so at their own risk. The City of Lacombe is not liable for any injury or damage caused by any dog in the dog park.