Subdivision Fees

Application Fee

Number of LotsFee
Up to 2 lots$850
3 to 5 lots$1,100
6 or more lots$1,100 for the first 5 lots, then $175 per lot for every lot after excluding reserve and utility parcels

Endorsement Fee

The endorsement fee is $100.00 per parcel except for Title Separation.

Title Separation

Title Separation (section 652(4)(a) of the Municipal Government Act) - $500

Subdivision Appeals

Subdivision appeals are $250. $200 of the appeal fee shall be refunded should the appellant be successful in their appeal.

Extensions of Time (Requested by Developers)

Number of Extensions
First Extension$50
Any Subsequent Extensions$100

Condominium Certificates

Pursuant to Section 8(1)(b)(ii) of the Condominium Property Act:

Building Conversions Review Fee$250
Endorsement Fee Per Unit$40 per unit at the time of registration

Preparation of Agreements

Preparation of a Development Agreement (and any required amendments)$300
Preparation of a Stripping and Grading Indemnity Agreement (and any required amendments)$300


Issuance of Stop Order without Warning Letter Sent Prior to Stop Order Issuance$50
Maintaining Stop Order of the Property
  • $100 per week for the first two weeks
  • $50 per week every week thereafter
Issuance Stop Order with Warning Letter Sent Prior to Stop Order Issuance$250
Maintaining Stop Order of the Property$50 per week

The maintenance fee for a Stop Order will cease when the Development Authority confirms that the property is no longer in violations of the Municipal Government Act or the Land Use Bylaw.