The deposit for residential work is $1,000. All other work is $2,000 - this includes:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial (minimum)
  • Multi-family Residential over 4 units
  • Public

Landscaping (Where Applicable)

ItemDeposit Amount
100% of estimated quote (including taxes)$2,000 Minimum
Within Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan overlay$150 per Planter

Hard-Surfacing (Where Applicable)

ItemDeposit Amount
50% of the estimated quote (including taxes)$2,000 Minimum

Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan Architectural Deposit

ItemDeposit Amount
Residential Development (1 to 4 units)$3,000
Residential Development (5 or more units)$5,000
Non Residential Development$5,000

Deposit Refunds

Please refer to the Permit Inspections Flowchart (for deposit returns) (PDF) for information and conditions concerning deposit refund.