Water Meter Upgrade Program

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In 2016, the City of Lacombe will embark on year three (988 water meters) of a four year project to change out aging manual read water meters within the city. The municipality’s current meter reading system is labour intensive, requiring staff to visually read 2006 water meters six times per year.

We will be replacing this form of manual water meter reading system with a more efficient radio read system, so that Utilities staff can obtain water meter readings by driving past the water meters. Once this four year program is complete, staff will no longer need to frequently enter your property, inadvertently trample flowers, trip over down spouts, or cause other damage to obtain a water meter reading.

Benefits of the new system include:2016 - Neptune water meter picture

  • Automatic read system means ‘estimated’ bi-monthly bills can be eliminated and accurate monthly billing can be introduced.
  • Built into each meter is a memory that holds 90 days of water use data, making it easier to generate reports showing hourly water use when requested.
  • The meter and the radio-read technology are built into the water meter.
  • The Neptune meter is easy to install and in most cases will fit into the same space as the old meter.
  • The meters also incorporate an alarm system that ‘flags’ the meter if the following conditions have been present in the past 90 days – no water flow, reverse water flow, water leak detection and water meter tampering.

The City has contracted Neptune Technology Group to install the new meters. Installations will begin May 30th and will be carried out on an area by area basis. The areas that the contractor will concentrate on are:

  • Bruns Park
  • Heritage Park
  • Meadowview Village
  • 56th Avenue to 50th Avenue and from 45th Street to 60th Street Close
  • Country Club Estates
  • 2015 – missed meters (24)

The Installation Process:

As Neptune installers move into your area they will be mailing an information kit to each address. This will be your cue to call for an appointment. The information kit explains all you need to know about scheduling your appointment and other details of the program.

Neptune’s installation team are easily identifiable; they will be driving vehicles with the Neptune logo on them, be wearing Neptune uniforms and carry Neptune issued ID tags to confirm who they are.

When you receive the kit, you will have two weeks to schedule an appointment. Please DO NOT CALL until you receive this kit. If you are a tenant, please contact the building owner once you receive the information kit.

Once the project is in full swing, Neptune installers may also do some door knocking in these areas to complete installs while they have openings in their schedules.

Neptune has been directed by the City of Lacombe to, whenever possible; move all outside mobile home water meters into the mobile homes, where the meters will be protected from freezing.

Quick and Convenient:

Meter installation appointments can be made to fit your schedule. The installation usually takes about one hour and the installer cleans up afterwards.

In order to maintain the installation schedule, it is imperative that you book your appointment within two weeks of receiving your information kit.

Utilizing a water meter replacement or change-out program is an important process to any municipal waterworks system. Integrating better technology to improve customer service by providing relevant water use data per water meter, that is less intrusive to customers, can help save the whole community money. We look forward to your support and co-operation to make this program a success.

For more information on the water meter upgrade program, please refer to the Water Meter Upgrade Program Brochure.