Addressing Lacombe's Critical Wastewater Needs

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North Red Deer Regional Wastewater System

The City of Lacombe, Town of Blackfalds, Lacombe County and the North Red Deer Regional Wastewater Services Commission are pleased to announce the construction of a wastewater pipeline connecting Lacombe, Blackfalds and Lacombe County to the regional water treatment facility in Red Deer. Construction will begin in spring 2017, and the project is expected to cost $70 Million.

The partner municipalities undertook this project based on the need to meet new federal and provincial regulatory guidelines for wastewater treatment. After exploring all other options, the regional system was found to be the most economical option available — 90 percent of construction costs will be covered by grant funding.

This high-priority infrastructure project will yield immediate economic benefits in terms of employment during construction, and will provide for much-needed long-term sustainability in addressing Lacombe’s critical wastewater needs.

The project includes the construction of 25 kilometres of wastewater pipeline and regional lift stations in Lacombe and Blackfalds. It will also include an odour management facility in the city of Red Deer. Odour management strategies will also be implemented at both lift stations and at air release points along the pipeline.

In order to provide the enhanced level of treatment, there is a cost increase to the wastewater rate.

To help offset a dramatic increase at completion of the project, utility rates have been increased incrementally to introduce a Rate Stabilization Reserve. In preparation for the higher costs, the City is proactively raising rates in 2017, to ease the transition to the new system that is needed to meet provincial and federal wastewater regulations.

The wastewater consumption rate goes from $0.95 per cubic metre in 2016 to $1.47 per cubic metre in 2017, and the fixed portion of the rate (Basic Rate) goes from $16.03 in 2016 to $19.52 in 2017. An average household will see an overall increase of $10.98 per month for wastewater service in 2017. A similar increase is expected in 2018.

The funds going into the Rate Stabilization Reserve will help stabilize wastewater rates once Lacombe goes onto the regional system. Without this reserve, consumers would experience a dramatic increase when the system is operational.

Please call (403) 782-6666 for more information on this project.