Compliments, concerns or complaints

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Concerns or complaints

LPS members perform a variety of tasks and duties, and they attempt to do so in an ethical,  professional and exemplary manner at all times. However, police officers are also human, and sometimes make mistakes. If you have a concern or complaint about a LPS officer, the following process will assist you in airing your concerns:

  1. Address your complaint to the Chief of Police at:
    Lacombe Police Service
    5301 Wolf Creek Drive
    Lacombe, AB  T4L 2H8

  2. Provide details of the incident and the reason for your complaint along with your name, address, phone number and signature.

  3. Upon receipt of your complaint, the Police Chief will assign a police officer to investigate. It may be necessary to interview you for further details and clarification. When the investigation is complete, the Chief will decide what action will be taken and will advise you in writing of that decision.

  4. At any time before or during the investigation, the Police Chief may attempt to resolve the complaint informally to your satisfaction.

  5. If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Police Chief, you may appeal the decision to the Law Enforcement Review Board within 30 days. Your appeal should be in writing, state the points your disagree with, and the reasons why.

  6. The Law Enforcement Review Board is an independent, non-police review body appointed by the Provincial Government. The Board will advise you in writing of the date, time and place of the hearing and what, if anything, will be required of you.

Police officers are given discretion when it comes to the laying of charges. If your concern is about a charge you are facing, the courts are the proper venue to hear evidence regarding the charge and neither the Police Chief or the Police Commission will intervene in that process. 

If you need further information or assistance, please contact the Public Complaints Director through the City of Lacombe at (403) 782-6666. 



If you would like to compliment or express your appreciation to the Lacombe Police Service or any of its members, please submit your information to:

Lacombe Police Service
5301 Wolf Creek Drive
Lacombe, AB  T4L 2H8

Phone: (403) 782-3279
Fax: (403) 782-7377