Outdoor ice & ice safety

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At your own risk, the City of Lacombe allows residents to use Cranna Lake, Royal Oak and Iron Wolf storm water ponds during the winter months for recreational activities, once the ice reaches a suitable thickness.  Les Walker Pond is also suitable for use if health and safety conditions are met.

Ice thickness is measured by Parks Services staff on a weekly basis until sufficient ice thickness is reached for the designated ponds to be opened for use. The ice must reach a minimum thickness of 8 inches (20cm).

Vehicles are not permitted on pond ice. Small, push-model snow blowers are allowed. Users of the Iron Wolf storm water pond assume all risk and maintenance responsibilities for the ice, such as flooding, shovelling and safety.

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Storm water ponds are engineered artificial bodies of water. Their primary function is to protect residential property from flooding by storing peak storm water flow and street run-off, and releasing it into the storm sewer system in a controlled manner. These ponds are an important part of the City’s storm water management system.