Municipal Development Plan Public Input and Supporting Information

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The Update of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP): Growing Lacombe, was started in September 2013.  The Draft MDP is proposed to go to Council for first reading on April 27, 2015.  A public hearing will be set after first reading is approved.

The City has based the formation and direction for the MDP on Imagine Lacombe, the Municipal Sustainability Plan (MSP), adopted in 2014.  The MSP was driven by public consultation, with over 1200 responses received.  Residents identified a direction for the City to aspire to until the year 2040.

That direction has been carried forward in the draft MDP: Growing Lacombe.  Growing Lacombe identifies a future for Lacombe where there will be increased connectivity between neighbourhoods, development will be more fiscally and environmentally supportive, and the community will continue to see investments and priorities placed on our public spaces.  The direction laid out in Growing Lacombe has been supplemented by a series of public consultation sessions, where input was received and helped to develop and refine policy direction. 

The public will be provided a further opportunity to comment on the document at the Public Hearing.  Stay tuned for more information.

The City of Lacombe would like to thank all of those participating in the Municipal Development Plan Update! Your input is invaluable and plays an important role in guiding the future growth of the city.

A summary of the past forms of consultation is provided below:

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