Heritage Preservation Program

The City of Lacombe, with assistance from the Municipal Heritage Partnership Program (MHPP), undertook a comprehensive approach to identifying, evaluating and managing historic resources located within our community.  The Heritage Management Plan guides Heritage Preservation in Lacombe.

There are three key documents that form the City’s Preservation Program:

Municipal Heritage Survey 2010

This document provides a baseline of all resources that were aged 50 years or older.  Buildings aged 40 years were also considered for inclusion in this document. 

Municipal Heritage Inventory

The Inventory further explores the history and heritage value of over 60 sites in Lacombe.  Involvement in the Inventory was optional for all property owners.  Each of these properties now has a “Statement of Significance” which outlines the heritage value of the building and lists the “Character Defining Elements” that make the building an important heritage resource.

Heritage Management Plan 

The Heritage Management Plan provides a framework for continuing the Heritage Preservation Program. It identifies how buildings can apply for and receive municipal designation, which opens up opportunities for funding and technical support. The program also identifies key actions for the City to undertake in order to continue to celebrate, preserve and enhance the rich history of the community.

The MHPP has gone through three phases, with the current focus on identifying properties for municipal designation.

Phase 3: Heritage Management Plan 

In May 2012, the Heritage Steering Committee worked with stakeholders to develop a Heritage Management Plan. Stakeholder workshops were held to review the progress and generate discussion and feedback on the development of the management plan. An open house was held in February 2013 to allow the public to review the draft of the Management Plan. Council approved the final draft in May 2013. 


Phase 2B: Municipal Heritage Inventory

In May 2011, the Heritage Steering Committee started work on Phase 2B. This involved working with property owners to prepare Statements of Significance (SOS) for 30 residential and institutional sites. The committee also hosted a heritage learning event in October for participating property owners, and anyone interested in heritage home renovations, heritage talks and networking. The entire Phase II inventory was completed March 2012 with a total of 52 SOS being completed. 


Phase 2:  Municipal Heritage Inventory

The Municipal Heritage Inventory began in June 2010. The first part of this phase focused on the downtown commercial area, which included approximately 32 sites and two residential properties. The Heritage Steering Committee worked with consultants and property owners to prepare a Community Context Statement and SOS for the selected sites.


Phase 1: Municipal Heritage Survey

The Municipal Heritage Survey provides a baseline of all resources that meet the age criteria - buildings that were constructed prior to 1959. The program also considers sites that are 40 years old or constructed prior to 1969.

As part of this project, a previous survey that was undertaken in the 1970s and 1980s, known the HerMIS Database, was updated. New sites were added to this list. This project relied on the knowledge and energy of a number of community volunteers that were in neighbourhoods recording/photographing the sites.