Land Use Bylaw

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Land Use Bylaw 400 replaces Land Use Bylaw 300.  If an application was applied to prior to January 1, 2017, LUB300 is the applicable bylaw.

What is a Land Use Bylaw (LUB):
The Land Use Bylaw is a legislative requirement of the Government of Alberta. It establishes the building and development regulations that affect a parcel of land. Regulations include the use of the land for a specific purpose (residential, commercial, industrial), the type of use that can occur (e.g. a single family home versus an apartment building), and how the parcel can be developed (height maximums, parcel coverage, building setbacks from the property line, etc). It is the City of Lacombe’s main guideline for reviewing development applications.

Who Does it Affect:
The Land Use Bylaw affects everyone who lives, works or plays in the community. For example, if you are a homeowner, the Land Use Bylaw provides the rules for where your house can be located (both within the City and on the parcel of land), and how your house can be built. Or if you own a business, the Land Use Bylaw identifies such things as where your business can be located, the number of parking stalls and landscaping required.

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