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Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB)

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The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) is comprised of five members, of which a maximum of 2 may be members of council, one is an alternate so any panel contains only one council member, and minimum of 3 shall be public members.  The SDAB is the quasi-judicial body that reviews any decision made that has been formally appealed.  Within 30 days of a decision being appealed, the SDAB holds a public hearing to hear an appeal of:

  • A decision of the Subdivision Authority or Development Authority ;
  • A refusal or failure by the Subdivision Authority or Development Authority to make a decision within the time allowed for a decision established in the Act; or
  • A stop order issued by the Development Authority

The Bylaw governing the establishment and function of the SDAB is Bylaw 229.

Land Use Bylaw #400, outlines the Development Appeal Process, including who can apply, timeline requirements and procedure.

Summary of the SDAB Hearings and Decisions