Building Permits & FAQ

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You need a Building Permit to:

  • construct a new building
  • construct an accessory building (such as a shed or garage)
  • alter or add to an existing building
  • demolish an existing building
  • construct or alter a deck
  • occupy a building that has been vacant for six (6) months or more
  • alter a building or portion of a building to accommodate a change of use

Below is information on developments needing a building permit:


For access to Permit Applications, please visit our Permits Page. If you are unsure whether your development requires a permit contact the Planning & Development team or IJD Inspections Ltd.

Please note: The City of Lacombe is experiencing improved Residential Construction Standards, for more information please visit our HIRF page.

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  • 1. How and when do I apply for a Building Permit?

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  • 3. How are Building Permit fees determined?

  • 4. Who do I contact for an inspection?

  • 5. Is there any additional information I should include with my Building Permit?