Property Assessments

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The City of Lacombe, through its property assessment provider Powers and Associates Appraisal Services Inc., conducts annual inspections of properties within the city to compile the data necessary to complete the annual property assessments.

The goal is to have a quarter of the city inspected each year, resulting in the whole city being inspected every four years.

See the map below for the areas scheduled for assessment inspections in August 2017.

Inspection Areas 2017

Property assessors gather detailed information about each property by making on-site visits or by corresponding with the owner of the property.

A property inspection is conducted so that all characteristics of the property that affect the assessment are taken into consideration when the assessor determines the property’s value.

All newly constructed properties require an inspection. Likewise, existing properties need to be reviewed from time to time to ensure the information used to create the property’s assessment remains accurate.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding the property assessment process, please contact Powers and Associates Appraisal Services Inc. at 1-877-867-9079.

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Can you explain the process in doing these property inspections? Do the assessors knock on every door, or are they more random/selective?

  • In what circumstances would the assessor need to enter a property for an internal inspection?

  • If the resident is a renter, do you talk to them or do you ask to speak with the property owner?

  • To what extent does the condition of neighbouring properties impact my property’s assessment?