2017 Main Street Project


main improvements 

Thank you for your interest in the Main Street Program.  The public survey is now closed however don't hesitate to e-mail the City with any questions or comments you have regarding the main street program.  downtown2017@lacombe.ca

Due to its deteriorated condition, the sanitary sewer main in the downtown core is scheduled for replacement in 2017. Understanding that construction is unavoidable, the City wants to ensure that once this work is completed, the downtown area will not be significantly impacted again by infrastructure improvements or replacements for the foreseeable future.

To accomplish this goal, the long-term infrastructure needs for Main Street were determined by  considering the existing system capacity, future community growth, and recommendations outlined in existing adopted land use plans such as the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP), the Transportation Master Plan, the Municipal Sustainability Plan, and others.

See below for the proposed downtown design concept layouts, and Administration’s report and presentation to Council on July 25, 2016:

Downtown Business Community Main Street Construction Staging Workshop

The City, and its contractor Pidherney's are seeking feedback from the downtown business community on the Main Street Project draft construction staging plans. All members of the downtown business community are invited. Members of the downtown business community  will have received an invitation to the workshop from Jordan Thompson, Engineering Services Manager late December, or by mail in the first week of January.  If you are a business owner or building owner  from 53rd Street to& Highway 2A, are a block north and a block south of 50th Avenue and have not received and invitation, please contact Jordan (jthompson@lacombe.ca or 403.782.1268) or review the invitation linked below. The Main Street project is anticipated to start in late April and end mid October, with a budget of $6.75 million.  

Uploaded below are the materials, including the draft staging plan, that will be presented and discussed at the workshop. Should you have any questions about the upcoming workshop or about the Main Street Project, don't hesitate to contact Jordan Thompson.

If you attended the workshop, we would like to hear your thoughts in this short, 2 minute, survey. Your feedback helps us improve the way we engage with you on this project.