Citizens Requests and Inquiries

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The City of Lacombe and its Council recognize the need for two-way communication with its citizens.  The City of Lacombe has established a practice which will ensure that requests, inquiries or complaints regarding civic affairs are given proper consideration and are dealt in a fair, open and timely manner.

Any complaint against a City employee(s) will be considered in a professional manner and take into account the protection of personal information of the employee(s). Members of the public who submit an inquiry or complaint will receive a written response. Online copies of replies can be found below for the current year or in a yearly archive as well.

Given the public nature of council and committee meetings, an individual writing to council or to the administration of a municipality may have a reasonable expectation that their correspondence, including their name and address, could be disclosed at a public council or committee meeting.  Personal information such as telephone numbers, email addresses and any other personal details will be removed from public viewing.  To read more about the roles and responsibilities of administration and council in this process, please see the Citizen Request and Response policy.

There are multiple ways that a citizen can engage with council and administration.  Council will receive correspondence by written letter, email and through the form below, which will go directly to the Council Liaison. 

Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP)

The personal information that you provide to the City of Lacombe is collected under the authority of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act – Section 33(c). The information will be used for the purpose of addressing citizen requests, inquiries and complaints. Collected personal information is protected from unauthorized access, collection, use, and disclosure in accordance with the FOIP Act, and can be reviewed and corrected upon request. Questions regarding the collection of personal information can be directed to: FOIP Coordinator, City of Lacombe, 5432-56 Ave, Lacombe, AB T4L 1E9, Tel (403)782-1281.


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    Citizens Requests and Inquiries Responses

     2020 Responses to Citizens to date

    City Status
    Lacombe Days Beer Cannabis Garden

     2019 Responses to Citizens to date

    Advertising Opportunities Affordable Housing Strategy
    Alternative to Fireworks
    Athletic Park and Performing Arts Grant Status
    Arena Capital Costs Arena Bull Event - Topsoil
    Arena Sound System Quality Arena Sound System Quality
    BBBS Wreath Bee Licensing
    Birthplace Forest
    Black Knot
    Black Knot Questions
    Bolt Bus
    Bolt Transit Information
    Bull-A-Rama & Lacombe
    Business Licenses
    Business License Complaint
    Capital Construction Updates
    Census Questions
    Change Rooms for Female Referee's
    Citizen Satisfaction Survey Concerns
    Community Liaison LPS
    Comparator Tax Rates
    Concrete Median at 58 Street Council Budget for Event Attendance
    Council Expenses Council attending staff functions
    Cranna Lake Pathway
    Crosswalk Concerns
    Crosswalk in Woodlands
    Crosswalk location
    Cruise Night Location
    Curbside Recycling Cost Savings
    Dinosaur Park Dog Licensing (1)
    Dog Licensing (3) Dog Licensing
    Dog Park Entrance Maintenance
    Downtown Business Appearance
    Downtown Business Concerns
    Downtown Recycling
    Downtown Suite Development
    Early Trash Treasure
    Echo Lacombe
    Elizabeth Lake Land Development
    Enforcement of Unsightly Properties
    Extension Cords
    Fairview Drive Sidewalks
    Fairway Drive Concerns
    Fairways Drive Sidewalks
    Family Violence Prevention Month
    Firefighter Fundraiser
    Fire Inspections
    Fire Policy Reviews
    First Aid Course
    Flooding in Alley West of 58 Street
    Garbage Dumpster Lids
    Garbage Truck Highway Speeds Hearthstone Speed Limit
    Highway 12 Paving Update
    Hwy 12 Paving
    Intersection 58 St & Hwy 12 Intersection Signage
    Light Up the Night Accessibility Concerns Lot Revision Midway Centre
    LPAC Parking Lot Sanding
    Management Costs of Various Waste Streams
    Millings stockpile
    Multiple Inquiries - Dumpster Lids, Wolf Creek Recycle Depot, Black Knot & Trails
    Parking Stall Markings Downtown
    Paved Pathways by Royal Oak
    Paving in Len Thompson Business Park
    Ponding in English Estates
    Pop Up Stores
    Proposed boxing club
    Recycling Depot Concerns
    Recycling Inquires
    Ride Sharing
    School Bus Christmas Light Decoration
    Severance of Personal Information per FOIP
    Sewer Backup
    Sidewalk Obstruction and Sandwich Boards
    Slippery Floor Tiles
    Slippery Pool Tiles
    Snow Removal Policy
    Soccer Fields Maintenance
    Solid Waste Charges
    Speed Bumps
    Speed Limits and Traffic Study
    Stop Sign
    Submitted Bylaw Complaints
    Tax Assessments
    Tax Assessments (2)
    Tax Increases
    Train Intersection Hwy 12 & 2A Timing
    Train Whistles
    Toxic Waste Roundup
    Twinning Cities
    Unsightly Premise
    Water Meter Charges
    Water Shut Off Valve
    Weed Control
    Windrow Residue on Lawns
    Wolf Creek Dr Speed Limits
    Wolf Creek Recycling Depot
    Woodland Dr Speed Limits
    Work teams and workload
    50th Street Parking

    Archived Responses by Year