2014 Census Report

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The City of Lacombe 2014 Municipal Census Report is now available.


The Municipal Census

A census is an official count of the number of people living in Lacombe. The City of Lacombe 2014
municipal census was completed using both internal resources and externally hired enumerators
between April 7 and June 27, 2014. The use of census software - for the first time ever -  allowed for both online response and in-person recording of census data.


Key reasons for conducting a municipal census are:

  • To establish the total population of our City.
  • To help the City understand community needs as we move forward with future growth and
  • To calculate the amount of per-capita provincial grant funding Lacombe receives, which is based
    on the total population of our community.

Census data is also used by a variety of outside agencies such as communities, businesses, charities
and researchers.


What information was collected in 2014?

Lacombe citizens were the following questions.

  •  How many people live in the household?

For those 17 years and older, additional questions were asked, with the option of “prefer not to answer.”

  • To what age range does each person living in the household belong? (in 17 age ranges)
  • What is the gender of each person living in the household? (M/F)
  • Canadian Citizenship (Yes/No)?
  • How long have you lived in Lacombe? (6 time ranges)
  • What is your marital status? (single/married/other)
  • What is the highest level of education completed? (Less than High School/High School/
  • What is the employment status of each person living in the household? (P/T, F/T, Student,
    Homemaker, Retired, Unemployed)
  • What is the type of dwelling structure? (9 categories)
  • What is the total annual household income? (<$50K, $50 to $100K, >$100K)


When will the next census be conducted?

Lacombe is still growing, which means our population is changing. The City plans to conduct a census in 2018, after the 2016 federal census, and pending further Council discussions with administration.

The Census Administrator, as determined by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), is responsible for conducting the census and for the collection of census information. Information is collected under the authority of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), and is used for statistical purposes only. Any personal information collected is used for verification of the data and is not released. If you have any questions regarding the information collected or the statistical data provided in this report please contact:

Ross Pettibone
Executive Assistant to CAO/Legislative Coordinator
(Census Administrator)
5432 – 56 Avenue
Lacombe AB T4L 1E9


Phone: 403.782.1287
Fax: 403.782.5655
Email: rpettibone@lacombe.ca