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Spring 2018 Community Clean Up Information

The City of Lacombe provides residents with an opportunity to dispose of household and yard refuse that one would not normally place in the regular garbage bins.  This special refuse pickup is our Community Clean Up and is held twice a year – Spring Clean Up begins the Tuesday after the May Long Weekend and Fall Clean Up begins the Tuesday after the Thanksgiving weekend in October.  Spring Clean Up begins Tuesday May 22, 2018. 

Please read below for procedures and schedule for your area:

  • Please place all items for disposal at the front your property.  Please do not place items on the sidewalk, alley or street; items must be left at the property line.  Debris left in the alleys will not be picked up.  Ensure that pedestrian and vehicle traffic are not blocked.  Do not place refuse next to or touching the bin used for normal household garbage pickup.  Please have items place out by 7:00am on the day your area is scheduled.


  • Any items placed out after or left on your property after the scheduled date for pick up, will remain the responsibility of the resident owner.  City crews will not return after they have completed pick up in your area.  Items can then be taken to the Prentiss Transfer Station.
  • Refuse must be organized and separated into piles for pick up.  Different trucks and equipment are designated to pick up certain items; therefore having separated piles will ease operations.  It is the responsibility of the homeowner to separate these piles, not the employees of the City of Lacombe.  All items must be sorted and neatly tied, bundled or bagged.  Trees, brush or limbs cannot be more than 10 feet long or they will not be picked up.


    Please separate material according to the list below for pick up:

    • Brush & Wood – treated, painted & stained wood needs to be separated into a general rubble pile
    • Leaves, Sod & Garden Waste – these can also be taken to either the Wolf Creek recycle site.  Leaves & garden waste can be taken to the green colored yard waste bins spread throughout the City for disposal.
    • Metal
    • Appliances including fridge, freezers, AC units etc. – all food must be removed
    • Furniture
    • Swing Sets & Trampolines  – please dismantle & separate according to metal/plastic components


      Items that will NOT be picked up or are recyclable:

    • Unmanageable piles & piles not sorted or separated
    • Hazardous Waste – oil, cleaning solutions, paint, antifreeze, aerosols, railway ties, etc.  The City offers this for residents in September.
    • Construction/Renovation Waste – drywall, concrete, roofing materials, fence & deck boards, porcelain toilets or sinks, etc.
    • Cardboard – please break down boxes and take to the Wolf Creek Drive recycle site for disposal.


Spring Community Clean Up Schedule



Day 1 – Tuesday May 22, 2018

South of 50 Ave (Hwy 12)

Mackenzie Ranch

Iron Wolf

Day 2 – Wednesday May 23, 2018


North of 50 Ave (Hwy 12) to 56 Ave

Between C&E Trail & 60 St Cl

Day 3 – Thursday May 24, 2018

North of 50 Ave (Hwy 12) to 56 Ave

Between C&E Trail & 45 St

Day 4 – Friday May 25, 2018

Willow Ridge

Fairway Heights

Sheppard Heights

Day 5 – Monday May 28, 2018


Parkland Acres Mobile Home Park

The Lakes (incl: Cranna Lake Dr & Lakes Cl)

Cranna Place, Cranna Cove


Bruns Park

Day 6 – Tuesday May 29, 2018

Elizabeth Park

Regency Park

Lincoln Park

Heritage Estates

Day 7 – Wednesday May 30, 2018

English Estates


Country Ridge Estates

Day 8 – Thursday May 31, 2018

Terrace Heights

Henner’s Landing

College Heights

Trinity Crossing


If you have any inquires about our Community Clean Up, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following numbers: 

City of Lacombe
City Hall

City of Lacombe
Infrastructure Services Department