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Pro-active enforcement promotes safer public sidewalks

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Lacombe, Alberta (March 1, 2018) – After pro-actively conducting city-wide patrols yesterday for snow and ice on public sidewalks, City of Lacombe Enforcement Services has issued 46 bylaw notices to properties found in violation of Traffic Bylaw #223 section 405(1); failure to remove snow, ice, debris or other materials from a sidewalk adjoining the property.

A municipal violation ticket will be mailed to the affected property owner. The fine for violations start at $100. Please note that all violations and properties are photographed and properly documented.

Violators have until 9 a.m. on March 1, 2018, to clear their sidewalks and remove the conditions outlined in the bylaw notice.

Non-compliance will result in the sidewalk being cleared by a contractor at the property owner’s expense. If payment is not received, the costs will be added to the property owner’s taxes.

Residents are required to clear away snow and ice within 48 hours of accumulation. Water dripping from an awning, eaves trough or other part of a building onto a public roadway or sidewalk must be removed to prevent ice build up and causing a slipping hazard.

The City has also placed a free self-serve salt/sand box for public use on the east side of the main entrance to the Infrastructure Services Yard,  located at 5444- 56 Ave.

For more information, or to report a concern regarding sidewalk snow removal, please call City of Lacombe Enforcement Services at (403)782-1269.