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Safety, security improvements for Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex


Lacombe, Alberta (February 12, 2018) –At their regular meeting yesterday, Council approved the request for additional scope changes for the Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex project to improve facility access, increase public security and worker safety.

"While these items are not provided for in the 2018 budget, they can be easily accommodated through existing borrowing authorizations for the renovation project given the savings realized, as the project was completed for about 10 per cent under budget,” said Deputy Mayor Chris Ross.

“The facility renovations have increased the number of common public areas,” said Community Services Director Brenda Vaughan. “The infrastructure outlined in the additional scope of work will support the independence of each user group as needed.” 

The Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex had been undergoing renovations over the past three years. The project, now complete, had an original budget of just over $15.5 million. The work was completed at a cost of $14.1 million.  

Over the period of the arena renovation, a number of requests for scope changes have emerged from user groups, citizens, and Council, totalling $82,705. See below for the list of projects and associated costs.

Citizen requests 

Handrails – Can Pak Arena 1 ‐ $17,028

On the west bank of bleachers in Can Pak Arena 1, handrails installed in the mid-section of the length of the bleachers stands would provide additional supports for safety while navigating the bleachers. 

Tempered Glass ‐ Can Pak Arena 1‐ 2nd Floor ‐ $3,160

The new arena lobby on the second floor provides a small platform area suited for use by patrons using mobility devices (walkers and wheelchairs). A barrier is needed to protect against falls over the railing

Errant pucks would also be safely managed. Tempered glass is the recommended treatment. 

Heating – Accessible viewing area ‐ Can Pak Arena 1‐ $1,966

Access to a viewing platform space for patrons using wheelchairs in the arena is provided, but users have expressed concern over the cold, as there are heating units are not close to this area. Installation of electric heaters to the area would increase comfort for patrons.  

Curling Club Request 

Security Gates ‐ $5,551

Providing the capacity to cordon off unused areas of the facility will improve security for patrons and user groups. Installation of security gate curtains (similar to the Lacombe Memorial Centre) will allow staff and user groups to limit access to building areas when not required. There are occasions when one user group remains in the building because of different functions.

Recreation and Culture Board Recommendation

Pool Entrance Security ‐$55,000

Staff at the pool reception window currently control access to the pool change rooms and the pool. Pool workload demands do not permit staff to provide constant monitoring of the entrance. Concerns and complaints related to a lack of security for change rooms have increased. Accurate tracking of patrons entering and leaving the pool requires a more formal approach. Research of control gate options has resulted in the selection of this model, as it fits with the physical area and will interface with the incoming recreation management software.

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