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Residents advised to stay away from Storm Water Ponds


Lacombe, Alberta (November 9, 2017) - Despite the recent cold temperatures, the ice on local water bodies is too thin for the public at this time, and the City of Lacombe is advising residents to stay off Cranna Lake, Royal Oak and Iron Wolf Storm Water Ponds (SWP), as well as Les Walker Pond for their own safety until further notice.

Residents are asked to please obey all posted signs around these water bodies. Ice thickness will be measured by Parks Services staff on a weekly basis until sufficient ice thickness has been reached for the designated ponds to be opened for use. The ice must reach a minimum thickness of 8 inches (20cm) before people will be allowed access.

Those using the SWP ice surface are advised to beware that the ice may become unstable at any time, and that the ice thickness may change any time for a variety of reasons, some of which are unpredictable. Anyone using the ice surface on a SWP pond does so at their own risk. Use the designated ponds only when safe to do so and please obey all posted signs.

Vehicles are not permitted on the ice. Small, push-model snow blowers are allowed. Users of Iron Wolf storm water pond assume all risk and maintenance responsibilities for the ice, (i.e., flooding, shoveling, safety, etc).

For more information on recreational use of approved storm water ponds, please refer to the Recreational Use of Storm Water Ponds (SWP) Policy or call (403)782-1267.

The Storm Water Pond Policy is limited to Cranna Lake, Royal Oak and Iron Wolf SWP, and excludes Len Thompson, Bruns Pond, Wolf Creek Industrial SWP, Mackenzie Ranch SWP, Henners Storm Cell and the Airport SWP. Other bodies of water most commonly located on golf courses are not considered part of this program.

Further bulletins will be issued once the ponds have been determined safe for public use.

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