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Lacombe Airport lease agreement moves forward

lacombe airport

Lacombe, Alberta (September 27, 2017) – At their regular meeting on September 25, Council approved the Lacombe Airport Lease and Operating/Funding Agreement as presented, subject to written verification by each party that individual Insurance obligations set out within the agreement have been met.

“The airport is owned by the City of Lacombe and operated by the Lacombe Flying Club,” said Mayor Steve Christie. “This partnership has been further enhanced with the addition of Lacombe County, and this gives the facility a solid foundation on which to continue operations, providing services to the community and attracting business to the area.”

Based on recommendations stemming from a recent airport review, a new agreement has been developed under the guidance of the Lacombe Airport Committee. The committee, formed in 2016, has representation from Lacombe County, City of Lacombe and Lacombe Flying Club. This agreement represents an updating of prior agreements – both formal and informal – between the Flying Club and the City.

The agreement terms for lease and operations include Lacombe County as a formal partner and recognize the Lacombe Flying Club’s historical contributions. The lease length is 25 years, with an option to renew for a further 25 years. Termination clauses in the lease are limited to (by default) or through mutual negotiations between the City and the Flying Club. One year’s notice would be provided if municipal funding were to be reduced or withdrawn . 

“Once the agreement has been ratified by each party, a signing ceremony will be held,” said Community Services Director Brenda Vaughan. “Additionally, the airport name will change to Lacombe Regional Airport, in recognition of the newly formed partnership and regional economic focus.” 

The Lacombe Airport, established in 1962, is a registered aerodrome with a 3,000 foot asphalt runway. The airport is used by a wide variety of users including recreational pilots, STARS Air Ambulance, Alberta Health Services Medi-Vac, RCMP, civil air search and rescue, government, and business travelers.