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New subdivision design guidelines for Lacombe

Cranna Lake Lacombe, Alberta (June 27, 2017) – Upon receiving an update on the Green Spaces Review project, Council yesterday approved the revised Subdivision Design Guidelines as presented, and directed City administration to develop policy to support the proposed funding development strategies.

“Council is proud of all the parks and green spaces available to residents in the community; however, existing policy does not generate sufficient revenues to develop new or sustain existing park infrastructure,” said Mayor Steve Christie. “The approved design guidelines, while placing increased requirements on developers, aim to foster collaboration and reduce unnecessary costs for both developers and the City through defined shared responsibility and role clarification, which ultimately reduces the burden on taxpayers.”

“Residents value their parks and playgrounds, and the City seeks to provide the best possible stewardship in the ongoing management of community green spaces,” said Chief Administrative Officer Dion Pollard. “The Green Spaces Review allows us to complete a thorough review of current green space management practices, and to utilize the findings to clarify and align our policies and protocols to better serve all stakeholders.”

“A  comparison  of  other  municipalities in  the  region  revealed  the City of Lacombe policy is out of step with generally accepted  practice within municipal  governments,” said Community Services Director Brenda Vaughan. “The recently approved design guidelines create alignment with other jurisdictions, and will help us craft a more cohesive plan that distributes responsibility for future green space development more equitably.”

The approved Subdivision Design Guidelines:

  • Establish green space requirements within corporate design guidelines that mirror recent insertions to the MDP (2016 )
  • Fairly balance green space cost burden and economic benefit accrued to private developer interests (marketability and cost point for property based on the knowledge that assessed values on properties adjacent to or near green space increase between15-50% depending on the proximity and type of the green space)and ratepayers and the municipality ( timely , standardized development of attractive, high quality livable neighborhoods balanced against cost for initial development and then ongoing replacement)
  • Support City of Lacombe’s competitiveness through equitable and clear policy for urban developers working within the region
  • Establish high quality infrastructure that provide safe public spaces that feature longevity and thereby reduce long term maintenance costs
  • Provide for flexibility when negotiating Development Agreements to ensure that evolving community needs are met, reduce redundancy and defray maintenance costs
Proposed funding development strategies to be investigated include:
  • Advertising revenues
  • Naming rights
  • Sponsorship terms
  • Community citizen engagement (Adopt A Park by a neighborhood, business, or family)
  • Community associations
  • Private/public/community partnerships (home owner associations)
  • Lease agreements for green spaces
  • Government /private grants

For more information on the Green Spaces Review project and the approved Subdivision Design Guidelines, go to: